Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 5-8, 2010

Leave Tampa Sunday at 2:30. Change planes in Atlanta, which strangely has no cell phone signal. Change planes again in Paris. International flight is not as luxurious as the previous tours. No individual seat back tv to watch channels/movies of your choice. We have an older plane with tube screen monitors mounted to the ceiling every five feet. All passengers watch the same things: Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhal and Ben Kingsley flowed by Shrek forever after. Arrive in Hannover, Germany at 11:30am, jet lagged and exhausted. Meet Timo and the rest, find out that we are going to eat and then straight to practice.

The next days are practice, walking around Hannover, smoking endless joints, drinking at Manuel’s house. I went jogging one night with Manuel and felt great about life.

I also slipped and fell getting out of the shower one night landing on my right ass cheek and left elbow. I got up right away and tried to forget it.

Troi is freedom eagle

Relearning by doing

Good coffee?

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