Monday, September 20, 2010

September 12, 2010

Trento, Italy w/ Unkind, local band @ community center

Drive through Swiss mountains to start the run of Italian shows. It’s all very lush and scenic but the first time we came to Europe in 2006 it was winter and Switzerland looked like the North Pole. I miss all the snow even if no one else does. This also marks the beginning of warmer weather and I’m no fan of that shit.

We cross into Italy and stop at one of their Ikea like highway stop restaurants where you are forced through a maze of items and must work to find an exit. Greg’s eye has started oozing nasty white junk and none of us wants to be near him. We all need showers and the collective smell is hideous.

Trento is a small mountain town and the show is in the (very clean and orderly)local community center, the opposite of yesterday’s crust gutter dog park wasteland. The kids doing the show all seem to be around the ages of 16-18 but appear to know what they are doing. We walk around town and look at some old stuff, a castle, statues, medieval building leftovers.

The show turns into a spilled beer slip-n-slide, as usual. Crowd picks up Brett and carries him around a bit, then Troi, then me, then Tyler(who immediately gets unplugged and just waves to us as he is carried around on the shoulders of drunk youth), then they pick me up again but mostly hold my legs up and I realize I have never tried to sing while upside down.

After the show, we wait outside for a while for the promoters to clean up and put everything back in position for official community use. During this time, some drunken activities are occurring on the sidewalk with locals and band people and a young lady approaches Timo and I in the van, asking him if he “likes to do three”. After a few more laughable attempts to translate her Spanish/Italian/English come ons, we figure out that she is asking if he is into a threesome. He laughs the Timo laugh and tells her “No, I am sober.” She persists so he points at me and tells her we are together. She makes a face and walks off. More retardation continues until we are finally taken back to the sleeping place and crash.

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