Monday, September 20, 2010

September 15, 2010

Florence, Italy w/ Unkind @ Next Emerson

Morning at the villa is rough for everyone, especially the ones that didn’t get to bed until 5am or later. I personally feel that it was the fault of promoter host family for feeding us multiple alcohols from the time we arrived until the time we wore out their patience and they turned off the lights on the hardcore party contingent. The lan party begins anew as we wait for lunch that ends up being more of the perfect pasta that apparently can only be created by authentic Italian residents. Sadly, the time comes to leave wine country and make another winding mountainous drive to the city of Florence aka Florenzia.

Shortly into the drive, someone requests a pissing break along the side of the road. We pull over and idle with the side door open, seats are switched and through some chain of events, Troi’s fingers get slammed in the passenger door leaving a bloody mess and acute anxiety for everyone. Fortunately, the damage is to just the tip of two fingers but the nail area of one looks very mangled. We attempt first aid but decide to find a hospital right away. Fingers get x-rayed and doctored and instructed to not be used for two weeks. A grim forecast but on to the next show.

Initial examination of finger damage

For reasons unknown, Troi had no pants or shirt on at the time of his unfortunate accident. Pictured above, Brett assists in the application of pants.

The Next Emerson is a huge squatted building in the typical European style including three different rooms for shows, a gym with a boxing ring, a skate park, awesome graffiti and sculptures everywhere, and a second story with sleeping rooms. As soon as we walk in, Tyler says “Hello, Cujo” to a dog and it bites his leg. This day is cursed maybe.

Stencil art from squat

Troi practices for a little while before the show to make sure he will be able to play or if we become a four piece until the digits heal. Things look good so we play and it seems not to impress the audience. There are some sound/balance disagreements after the show but all issues later get drowned in wine, beer, and the full bottle of whiskey that the promoted delivers to us before he leaves. Drunken kicker matches, Florida/Finland bonding, etc. Crawling into the sleeping bag at 5am.

Secret robot found in pitch black walkway between rooms. It was only discovered when one of us ran into it in the dark and used camera flash to see what the hell it was.

More things captured by flash photography in the dead of night.

Timo as a blonde woman

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