Friday, September 24, 2010

September 18, 2010

Le Thillot, France w/Unkind, Toxic something, Unlogical Feeling

Alarm goes off early after a night of shitty, mouth breathing sleep. Feel like my sinus cavity is occupied by cotton soaked in bullshit. Not jogging this morning. Go to Starbuck’s and take part in the arranged internet chat with disheartening results. Can’t win them all. Maybe my head cold/allergy back pack has spread into my brain and soured that, as well. Diapers full.

Return to venue in time to miss lunch, which I’ve never done before and swear to never do again. Eat the remains of some bread, hummus, and red pepper, along with some tea. It is not possible to go on tour without getting sick at least once, sometimes twice.

By the time we get to Le Thillot, yet another tiny mountain town, I am delirious from lack of sleep and total snot blockage. However, I decide anyway to go on a band hike up into the mountain forest so the dudes can smoke some drugs away from civilian eyes. Nice views, photo shoots, and much juvenile behavior. After jungle weeding is done, Greg insists on following another trail further up the mountain allowing discovery of little nothings like a swing set next to a fire pit, some benches, and random wood beams sticking out of the ground. We walk back down the mountain on different trails and come out in some person’s back yard with their dog barking at us.


Jungle Drugging

We eat at a pizza place where only one woman is making food and the oven only holds two pizzas at a time, a true small business model. I finally splurge and spend some money on food. Eat an entire pizza and feel better. Find a cat that may have Down’s Syndrome but take pictures with it anyway. Then it stands up and only has half a tail.

Down's Cat

I buy some cold syrup(sirop) from the pharmacie, down a third of it, and try to sleep in the van but fail completely. Go into the show, hang out, play a soft ass French kicker table with a beige ball that is hard to see. Play show and Unkind does an encore only because the lady from the pizza place is in the crowd asking for more songs, drink the rest of the sirop, go to punk house, eat leftover dinner, enjoy 80s sounding synth freestyle atrocity committed by the homeowners in the kitchen, and go to sleep next to Thomasz from Unkind on a single size air mattress.

Me and some weird kitten Greg found

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