Monday, September 20, 2010

September 13, 2010

Bologna, Italy w/ Unkind, Abrupt @ Atlantide

Morning. Find the first cat of tour and pet it. Finally get a shower to rinse away the tour filth. Eat the best pasta I’ve ever had in the nicest house I’ve seen on any tour.

Inaugural cat contact

Nice view makes man cry

Our third time in Bologna and the weather is unfriendly. We hide out from the rain by sitting in the van and watching a bootleg dvd of Centurion, the new Neil Marshall film. It’s violent as all hell and fills me with joy. Swords, warhammers, arrows, flaming balls, shields failing to protect body parts, slit throats, and all manner of bodily harm done to actors. The rain lets up so we get out, load in, and run into our old friend Mila from Agipunk/Giuda.

Show is packed but less crazy than the previous years. Could be that the new stage reduces audience interaction. Or band performance is underwhelming. Or Monday punx take it easy. Any number of crowd party killing possibilities. Mila also tells us that if the show had been on a weekend, there would have been too many people and they would have moved it to a bigger place. Upon hearing this, I spend the next hour or so trying to convince Timo that we need to do a full week in Italy on the next tour, starting in Bologna on a Saturday, playing through the rest of the country and coming back to Bologna on the following Friday. If there is any justice in the world, Timo can make this happen. Either way, the show is a lot of fun and all three bands party to exhaustion.

The Atlantide

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